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Evangeline, A Curious Journey

Book, Music and Lyrics

by Marylyn Varriale

Additional Material

by Tom Langdon

The Story

EVANGELINE, A CURIOUS JOURNEY takes the legend of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s epic poem, Evangeline, and transforms it into a modern era love story transcending time.

with reincarnation overtones.

Set in 1955, both in New York City’s hectic advertising world, and in the bucolic Louisiana Bayou, the musical tells the story of successful filmmaker Clay Arceneaux, who despite his accomplishments, feels restless and resolves to journey to his native Louisiana in search of his true identity. Clay takes his camera—and his trusted assistant Andy—to St. Martinville Parish in the Bayou where he meets and grows fond of a young postulant, Emmaline. Gradually, he becomes intrigued and possessed by the fascinating legend of Evangeline and her beloved Gabriel, who in Acadia, in 1755, became separated, journeyed down the Mississippi, and spent their lives in search for one another.

This musical play was presented as an industry based Staged Reading in NYC at The Davenport Theatre - March, 2018.

The song,"Evangeline," won an award as

The 2018 Best Song of the Year.

The Story 


A Curious Journey 

Whatever Happened To Me?

Barefoot Girl

The Musical Numbers

A Curious Journey

Bien Venue

I Have Arrived

A Real Live Woman/A Real Cool Playboy

Barefoot Girl

Who Cares!

Whatever Is Happening to Me?

Journey/Nearer Unto Me Duet

Flim Flam

Get Down!

A Real Slick Yankee/A Real Sharp Cookie

La Chanson de Jardin


Montage (Finale)